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Cutting Your Own Bangs

27 Mar

Avoiding that trip to the hairdresser and attempting to control the scissors on your own is a terrible idea. Often, many people make the mistake of cutting at the wrong angle or in a way that the hair does not frame the face properly.

Bangs are risky hairstyles. When cut past the eye length from side-to-side, they do not shape the face well and give the person a broad face. And this is why seeking a professional is suggested.

The first time that I cut my bangs was two years ago. I’m not gonna lie — I made the accident of giving it too little length and too much width, and it looked terrible. My face shaped like some winter melon. It grew back though… in a month or two. And that’s when I started to trim and grow out parts of it, until it formed a satisfying style. It was a slow, trial and error process.

I can’t say that I haven’t screwed up some of the time, but I can say that I haven’t screwed up most of the time. That said, I’m certified to point out some basic, fundamental advice to first-time-cutters:

  • Use a rat-tailed comb to carve a triangle through your hair towards the forehead. The point from which you separate your hair into a triangular section should be about an inch forward from the center of the top of your head. This is the section that will become your fringe.
  • You might have heard this one before. Do not cut your bangs (or hair) when it’s wet or damp. Hair elongates when it’s wet and shrinks to original length when it dries. Cut your hair when it’s dry.
  • Let not the sides of your bangs pass the sides of your eyes. In other words, do not cut your bangs past the tail of your eyebrows. If you do, your face will appear too broad as you lack hairpieces to frame the face nicely.
  • Cut vertically with the scissors pointing up. (If the hair is long — as you are cutting for the first time — you might want to cut it to below your eyes first. Then, snip across the ends carefully with the scissors pointing up or diagonally. Do not position the scissors horizontally.)

These are the things which I’ve learned over the past year. I’ve been through months and months of hair faux pas just to gain such experience.

If you want to save yourself the trouble, I really recommend clipping coupons for hair salons to get the cut you want, professionally. Otherwise, grab a pair of sharp scissors and cut with care.  : )


How to Make a Paper Box

26 Mar

First things first, I suck at tutorials.

I saw this easy box-making method on some TV program many years ago. And I still remember it. So, I’m going to post a tutorial here in case anyone wants to make their own very special paper-box.

It’s simple. I bet even blind-folded orangutans can make it. I don’t know why I must mention orangutans, but I’ve been referring to them all week and the joke is getting stale, like the loaf of bread that was left on the kitchen counter all week and thrown away because no one was eating it and by the time someone wanted a slice, spots of mold had already dotted the loaf.

…Let’s get back to the box.

Step 1: you’ll need a square piece of paper. If you want to avoid the process of measuring and cutting, you can always buy a pack of those origami paper at your local arts and craft store. With the paper, you’re going to crease it by folding the paper twice into triangles.


Step 2: fold the paper with the corner pointed at the center (like the picture below).

Repeat with all the other corners until the paper looks like this:


Step 3: fold again, but with the corners at the crease you’ve just made.

Repeat with all corners.

Step 4: fold with the corner at the crease you’ve just made. You’re almost done! Just kidding. But you’re half-way there..

Step 5: now that your paper is an unrecognizable grid of lines, go ahead and make a few sets of marks. Like this:Then, cut along the marks. Fold. Fold both sides and hold them together by pressing the flap inward.Repeat with the other side and you’ll get this. A box!

Now, you can decorate and put stuff in it. Or, you can cut a slightly larger square of paper, repeat the steps above, and make a lid. Happy folding :’)

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