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Versatile Blogger Award!

18 May

When I first started blogging, I didn’t expect people to give my posts a chance. I shared my thoughts and ideas for fun; writing was an outlet for me to escape the treacherous humdrum of life. With that said, I’m very grateful to all of you who read my posts.

The last time I received an award was prehistoric.. So I’m very excited to be nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by the wonderful Alise Bane. Thanks a ton for picking me!

Seven (7) Facts About Me

  1. loovvee putting together doll houses. They often come in DIY kits on ebay with instructions on how to build them. Here is one that I fnished of a miniature room. When I received the package in the mail, I had no clue that I was going to spend 24 hours crazy-gluing, measuring, and cutting wood/cardboard pieces together. Sleep was out of the picture… img_4672
  2. crraaavveeee Korean food, especially the spicy Kimchi soup. Bimbimbap is alright. But the soup is where it’s at. Every mouthful is a firework of hot, savory flavors. Don’t get me started on those delicious side dishes. img_6404
  3. I am the proud owner of a 4-month old Pomeranian named Butter, who is a troublemaker. By that I mean: she devours anything, shreds her puppy pads to a million pieces, burps grotesque smells in your face, and is too damn smart for her own good. She is a sore loser in staring contests. But I wouldn’t trade her for any other. img_5430
  4. Horror movies gets me going. If you’re a horror fan like me (I like you already!!), then may I suggest a few good ones:
    The Babadook
    Last Shift
    The Boy
    The Conjuring
    The Mist
    The Others
  5. I own only one handbag, a brown leather Michael Kors that I bought on sale for $200 at the outlet mall. I picked brown for its versatility. I’m amazed at how boho it looks while giving a classy touch to any outfit. My friends have called it “ugly” but I disregard that.img_6419
  6. I’m almost there collecting all the rare cats on Neko Atsume. Has anyone gotten Saphire & Jeeves? img_5987
  7. Macarons. Enough said. img_4519

Bloggers I Nominate

Le Wendy





Thanks for reading!!


Starbucks Gold Membership and Free Refills?

19 Aug

It’s that time of the year!

Gold plastic that shines!

Gold plastic

My Starbucks gold member card calls for its renewal.

And sure, receiving a free coffee or piece of bread every 12 stars is nice. But restricted refills to restricted beverages only?


The other day I ordered two drinks — peach green tea lemonade and the new spice root beer soda.

Ice cold drinks for a hot summer day ~

A short review.

The carbonated bubbles in the soda drink touched a good side of my tongue. It was a mix between coke and root beer. Not bad!

As for the lemonade, it was alright… The flavor was peachy — though a bit too tangy.

But the real disappointment began when I walked back to the cashier, asking for a refill. I didn’t get a refill.ย 

Apparently, refills only apply to ice coffees and teas!

Really, Starbucks?

The gold card isn’t worth 30 purchases (30 stars) when all you get is false hope that youย as the customer will get something……..eventually…….

after 12 more purchases!

And for me, that something frequently ends up to be a badly crafted Signature coffee beverage.

Their coffee — especially the signature ones — used to be delicious. But not anymore! The pastries are often soggy from the microwave.

In the least they should increase the variety in their refills option and then, maybe then, would I see more value in their gold membership card.


That concludes my rant. Have a nice day!

3 Types of people I find annoying

7 Jul

This morning I woke with blood in my nose. That explains the ferrous, caustic taste in my throat. Because I’ve been swallowing my blood in the night.

… Talk about being betrayed by your own body. It’s as bad as sneezing in lectures. I listen to this old-school professor mumble on and on in his damn MONOTONE of a voice –like a plate of boring, plain pasta. No sauce, no salt, no flavor or anything. And suddenly he stops talking to fumble with his PowerPoint. The whole lecture hall goes silent, like an apocalypse just sucked the souls out of everyone.

As if on cue, I build up a sneeze. And I think “No, no no no. Not in this silence.” Because if I sneeze, all hell breaks loose, which brings me to the first point.

1. People who say Bless You

When I sneeze, I try to let it out quietly to avoid hearing that phrase from all directions. If I fail to do this then I would have to clear my nose and reply a “thank you”–sometimes the thank you isn’t even audible because I haven’t fully recovered from the sneeze. Then, the person thinks I’m ungrateful. Yes, they’ve given me two syllables from their word bank and I’ve shamed myself by not caring. Total waste of breath. The moment right after I sneeze is the worst because it feels like a feather just plunged down my throat through my nose. I don’t know–it’s just me.

I sneeze bubbles and someoneย says “bless you” in this I’m-a-good-person manner, like they’re the Holy Pope.ย They’ve become a nice person.

An even worse scenario is when people DON’T say the phrase. You’re all by yourself in public and you sneeze. You wait in anticipation for that moment of love, acceptance or whatever. But you get nothing. Zip. Nobody blesses you and suddenly you feel so insignificant –almost like a grain of sand on the beach, a lowly speck among the whole– that you go about your day believing no one cares about you.

2. People who lick their fingers

Just when I thought I only see this on TV when they’re advertising fried chicken so delicious that the people have to suck the crumbs from their fingers, I get to experience this in person. One day I arrive to class 5 minutes earlier and sit myself down. There’s an open seat next to me. My friend comes baring two cheese-sticks in her hands. She offers me none, which was fine. No hard feelings there. She munched and crunched on her crispy, oven-baked sticks like she was working on her transformation into the cookie monster.

I left her to her small feast and checked the emails on my phone. Suddenly, I hear these tiny sucking sounds, like a gorilla was breastfeeding next to me. I turned. And lo and behold. She was licking–no, COUNTING her fingers with her tongue. She was sucking the cheese snippets from her phalanges. First things that come to mind: door knobs, public bathrooms, car seats, car doors, etc.


I’m not one to judge. But saying that is the biggest lie of my conscience.

I looked back at my phone, shuddering. I waited for it to be over soon, when I felt someone’s warm breathing next to my ear. She leaned over..

“What are you doing?”

“Checking my phone..”

“Oooh, what’s that?”


“No, lemme see-”

Terror shook me as she yanked my phone from my unsuspecting grasp. Holy smokes, it was OVER.

I have an Iphone.

The only way for her to maneuver that thing was to spread her slimy, saliva-infested fingers all. over. the screen. After that, I wanted to give my phone a fire bath.

3. People who don’t flush

It’s not a death sentence. There’s only ONE handle to press– step on, kick, or whatever people choose. The goal is to use that handle.

The other day I catch this girl red-handed when she steps out of the stall. I walk right in when out of nowhere she turns around, rushes past me and back into the stall. I hear water churning and she comes out.

She faces me and smiles this smug smile. Then, she whispers “oops, forgot to flush.” All while smiling as if she let me in on a joke that I’m supposed to get. I returned her a half, closed smile, like saying “Congratulations, umm I’m very proud of you.”

But people like her are one step above the rest who completely forget, or have this agenda of ruining other people’s sense of smell in public bathrooms. I’m talking about the toxic fumes accumulating in the air when people don’t flush the toilet.

Someone needs to invent something. Something like a box installed on the door that seals it shut and WON’T let people leave until they’ve flushed. They try to open the door without flushing and an automated voice sounds


If they keep trying the door for another 15 seconds, Sparta mode commences, and the lights go out and they’re trapped in the stall until they manage to find the flush handle in the darkness.

Really, has it come to that end…


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