Ipsy Glambag May 2017

14 May

The May glambag–equipped with a summer theme–can’t get any better! Ever since I’ve been reviewing my monthly items on the Ipsy website, I’ve been receiving products that are better suited to my interests. So, if you’re tempted to skip over that email asking you to review your bag


The more feedback you provide them, the better they become at tailoring your monthly bags to your beauty profile.


Without further ado,

1. Pacifica Island Life Eyeshadow Palette


The first thing that caught my eye was this small palette with beautiful neutral, copper and gold colors, which would be perfect for everyday wear. It even comes with an applicator. I can definitely see this item in my travel bag. A great portable pick!

2. Adesse New York Nail Lacquer in Surfer Girl


Next up, a cute nail color ideal for the summer. I’ve had experience with this brand before (in a different color) and I have to say that the nail polish does stay put! And the only reason for removal is that my nails were growing out of it. Other than that, it did stay on, without signs of chipping or flaking.

3. Manna Kadar Cosmetics Radiance Split Pan Bronzer/Highlighter Duo


This is the first time I’ve encountered this brand. I haven’t been much of a highlighter person until recently, when I discovered that glow does eliminate years off your face. So, I’m excited to try on this product. Expect it to hit pan soon.

4. Mellow Cosmetics Creamy Matte Lipstick in Posh


Who can say NO to lipstick? You just don’t say no to lipstick, especially when it’s in a perfect nude shade, which is what I received here. The lipstick came in one of two colors this month: Nude or Posh. The latter came in my bag. Another thing I like about this product is the detail. If you look closely, you can see the mellow engraving on the side of the lipstick.

5. Luxie Beauty Dreamcatcher Precision Foundation Brush 660


Last but not least, I got a foundation brush. I’m already familiar with the brand Luxie since I received a pink angled brush from them in a previous glambag. I find that applying foundation is done best with a sponge (Beautyblenders, etc) because brushes tend to leave streaks on your face, whereas the porous surface on the sponge is too minuscule for that effect. Therefore, I’ll use this brush for bronzers and highlighters.

What did you think of this month’s bag? Leave your comments below! You can also find me on Instagram @Alleyhanai.


One Response to “Ipsy Glambag May 2017”

  1. Kali Borovic May 20, 2017 at 8:48 AM #

    That lipstick is perfect! xx.

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